About HBR

Established in 2009, HBR Tax & Accounting Services Ltd. specialized primarily in tax preparation. We offer a range of services including corporate tax, personal tax, financial statements, bookkeeping, payroll, GST, PST and WCB filing.

 Rafik Ahmed has over 19 years experience working in the field of accounting. His analytical skills, attention to detail and determination are only one of the few reasons that he’s made an excellent accountant. Personality wise, Rafik has been described as a very honest, to the point, and straight forward type of person who puts the interest of his clients first and foremost.

 Rafik has extensive experience in the preparation of corporate and personal taxes. He has been a Certified Tax Preparer since 1999 and had been working with TD Waterhouse as a Tax Consultant before he started HBR Tax & Accounting.