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When your accounting system is set by a professional, you feel comfortable and confident.

This means you have more energy to run your business. We all know that stress makes us inefficient and decreases productivity, so leave the numbers for professionals and create an environment that will grow with your business!

Everything is easier when the books are up to date, and fixing things after the fact always ends up taking up more time, energy and hard-earned money.

We provide the following services in the hopes that we can make your life easier and more efficient:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping using QuickBooks
  • Payroll service including paystubs, payroll deductions, WCB filing and annual T4 filing
  • Worksafe BC
  • GST and PST filing


We commit to providing professional and expert accounting services to both corporate and personal clients. We have clients from various industries such as architects, construction, consulting, hairdressers, landscaping, real estate, retail, taxi drivers, trucking, web design, wholesale and holding companies.

Our team is familiar with all the most popular accounting software and can work with your bookkeeping to prepare year end financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns.

Having an accountant on your side means less stress!


We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements with regards to any of the above services,  and invite you to contact us at 604-980-9668 or by email at